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    Amex GCASH NO REFUND since JAN 2016




      Its been more than 5 months since i ordered online on sephora.com (usa website), i used Gcash AMEX. It has been cancelled on January 2016 but i still haven't received any refund from you (Gcash) from my cancelled orders until now June 2016.


      Sephora has already emailed me on February 2016 that they do not have the fund and i have to contact my financial institution which is Gcash.


      I have called Gcash so many times now and they just repeatedly saying that they are waiting for the response of the Support Team for about 5 months now.


      Would it be possible for you to clarify what taking it so long for you to refund my money/ back to my Gcash account? And what does Support Team are waiting for?


      I am expecting a refund from Gcash back to my account for a total of (Php 9,596.83) Nine thousand five hundred ninety six peso and eighty three centavo.


      Where is my money?