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    Mobile Data Not Working


      Hi talk to globe team, i recently availed GOUNLI500 few days ago, sadly my mobile data is not working properly, can you please help me with this. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

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          Hi mkdlcrz,


          if your mobile data is not working, try to check the ff:

          1. APN Settings: Prepaid settings is http.globe.com.ph

          2. The signal you are getting from the cellsite must be atleast 3G or HSPA+ or LTE signal so you can use your mobile data for chatting etc.

          3. check your Mobile network mode, you may select the WCDMA only or 3G only or LTE/4G only for better connection.

          4. Check your subscription status, you might have consumed the data allowance bundled to the GOUNLI500 promo you have registered.


          Hope these help. Thanks