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    I have both Supersurf and GoSurf


      After recontracting, I noticed that my data consumption still falls under Supersurf when it should be under Gosurf 999 10gb (or surfmore). I'm reaching 5gb data and I'll be under slow speed soon because of FUP. I have escalated this through @talk2globe, 211 agents, chat agents but they can't fixed it. Anyone encountered this?Snap498.jpg

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          Just wait if your speed will be throttled before you complain, as of now, there is nothing to fix. That data only shows your usage. Once you exceeded 10 gig. Anti-bill shock kicks in and you will have unlimited internet with additional cost of 500. Right now just enjoy your usage and keep tracking if you don't want to exceed. As to the FUP, you won't be affected anymore. Your plan was migrated to mylifestyle plan. Just wait for your first bill after recontracting and your account will be updated soon on Globe's website.
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              I have received my first bill after I recontracted and I saw that I'm

              billed already for my new data plan (surfmore 999). However, whenever I

              check my data consumption, it shows that I have zero consumption on my

              surfmore and instead I have 4gb data consumption under supersurf. I have

              been receiving texts and messages to monitor my data usage because I'm

              under FUP.


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