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    FOLLOW UP: GCash Support] (#262912) since June 15, 2016 - anyone from GLOBE that actually cares?

    juan cruz

      GCash Support] (#262912) since June 15, 2016 sent to [email protected]


      ATTENTION: tjofgcash


      SUBJECT: Prepaid Load to GCASH problem


      ///////// EMAIL MESSAGE CONTENT ////////////


      As the title says, I have been struggling with this problem for my 3  KYC-valid GCASH numbers for God knows how long now.


      I can't even talk to your CSR when calling 2882, good thing I have another old GCASH where everything works fine and was able to talk to your representatives and guess what? Out of five (5) none of them was able to help they all said the same thing to "escalate" the problem to your so called techs and even after your app update to 3.0.1 a while ago the problem persist.  Not to mention, I went back to your Globe Center in SM Mall and they can't do anything except toss me back to your useless GCASH hotline.


      My working old KYC-valid GCASH number:  0906-xxx-xxxx

      • Can talk to CSR via 2882.
      • Working prepaid load to GCASH using app version 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 on any of my phones (Samsung S6, Samsung Note Edge, Samsung Prime, Samsung Tab-A, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Gionee E3).


      My problematic KYC-valid GCASH numbers: 0977-xxx-xxx, 0977-xxx-xxx, 0977-xxx-xxx

      • Can NOT talk to CSR via 2882, missing option.
      • NOT working prepaid load to GCASH, always says "Sorry, this transaction is not allowed. Please call 2882 should you need further information." using same app versions and phones above.


      Conclusion, something is preventing the new GCASH SIMs' transaction to push through, this could be a KYC issue or the SIMs themselves, I don't know, you tell me, you have access to the logs and what not, because this is definitely not the phones nor the app because like I said my old KYC-valid GCASH works like normal.


      I hope by finally deciding to email you guys, this problem will be resolved the soonest because this is really too much of a hassle already, please MAKE THIS WORK!


      ///////// END EMAIL MESSAGE CONTENT ////////////




      NOTE TO GLOBE: For privacy the numbers were intentionally hidden in this post, so please DO NOT disclose any personal identity and numbers here, thank you.

        • Re: FOLLOW UP: GCash Support] (#262912) since June 15, 2016 - anyone from GLOBE that actually cares?
          juan cruz

          Just of this moment i have escalated this issue myself to the higher authorities (NTC, DTI), my advise to all who have the same problem or tired of being ignored by this company, go seek help straight to the authorities, don't waste your time with their hotlines or so called support team.


          This is clearly a form of SCAM as they offered a service and left you hanging after getting hooked.


          I was also informed there are globe sims out there that are limited (some functionalities blocked) this is evident in their recent GCASH app change logs, prove me wrong GLOBE!


          What's new in version 3.0.1?

          + Fixed: Pay bills (BIR) bug

          + Fixed: Blacklisted globe numbers in using load to GCash

          + App optimization

          What's new in version 3.0.0?

          + App optimization

          What's new in version 2.4.3?

          + Updated BIR (Pay Bills)

          What's new in version 2.4.2?

          + Marshmallow (Android 6) Compatibility

          + Fixed: Crashes on some devices

          What's new in version 2.4.1?

          + Fixed: menu is hidden on some devices

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            • Re: FOLLOW UP: GCash Support] (#262912) since June 15, 2016 - anyone from GLOBE that actually cares?

              Hi juan cruz.  Please let me know what became of your escalation to dti and ntc.


              I am currently having the same problem. I keep on getting Sorry unable to process your transaction, pls call the gcash hotline 2882. Called 2882, tried almost all number combinations, nothing led me to the correct option. Went to their globe store, they were clueless. They made me call the gcash customer rep using their in store landlines and then in i repeated myself again, this time to a gcash rep. Gcash version was the latest,  my account was blacklisted for reasons the rep doesnt know. The advise was that i tell the people at the globe store that my account just needed to be updated. globe store people again were clueless. After some time waiting, i was asked for a valid id and to fill up a kyc form. i told them i was already kyc'ed as i wouldnt have made cash in transactions in the past weeks. i complied anyway. they told me they will email their main office to request for lifting the blacklisting and that i will receive an sms update when its done. 2 days later, i receive nothing, still unable to use my account which by the way has 10k balance. i messaged the gcash fb account stating my problem and my frustration at how my issue was handles so far. i got a prompt reply saying he/she will email their compliance team regarding my issue. Now they are telling me i was blacklisted because of share a load scam and i needed to present a notarized affidavit of denial to explain the nature of my transactions. What?! i havent done any share a load transaction nor received any share a load. they just went ahead and blacklisted an account without any form of verification. i was so incredulous and frustrated. they could be the scam freezing people's accounts just like that without warning or verification, getting the money that are in those frozen accounts.     

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            • Re: FOLLOW UP: GCash Support] (#262912) since June 15, 2016 - anyone from GLOBE that actually cares?

              I was always wondering why I couldn't find the option to call a human via 2882. I asked them once via email. It took them 2 weeks to reply but they never addressed it. They gave me some useless reply that didn't help.


              I guess I've been involved in a scam as well(?) Heck, I don't even use this number that often.


              Now, you can't even post on these "forums" anymore.