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    Time of Approval


      Sabi nung rep. I have to wait 3-5 business days. Sa inyo ilang days or hours bago na approve yung application nio at what requirements did you give? Yung Iphone 5 naman yung phone na pinili ko kaya  lower siguro ung demand at meron silang stocks.

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          Online: 1 week Approval
          Requirements: COE, Payslip, IDs, Bill under my Name
          Handset Delivery: 1 Week after the Approval
          Sim Activation: 2 Days after Receivig the Handset

          Globe Store: 2 hrs after filing the Application, Approved
          Requirements: Same with Hotline
          Handset: After Approval, they provide the handset right away
          Sim Activation: 2 Days after the Application.
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              The process of your application is much better and faster if you apply right away from a globe center. Just bring all the possible documents that you will be needing and it will take for a day only not waiting for 3-5 days to avoid false hoping. Good evening.
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                I think no need to follow up, you will receive a call from globe sales rep. if you have lacking requirements or problem with your application.
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                  More often than not they have to review your application in special cases, and maybe the approver is not around that time. Some applications also put in queue due to handset availability. When they said wait for 3-5 days try to ask why ^_^
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                    ung kahapon ung pag fill up ko for new subscriber sa rob galleria and kumpleto naman ung requirements ko..magtatagal daw ng 5-10 days ung approval, and nagtanong ako bat ganun katagal..sagot nila msayado daw madami nag aapply.. :smileysad:
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                      The SLA's for processing applications really varies depending on  what  application channel (online, globe store, hotline)  you chose.


                      And it also varies in several ways:


                      1. Documents you submitted - if  there incomplete docs, unverified details (employment, salary details, etc). You need to comply with those before they can proceed on your application.


                      2. Verification - if we are having difficulty calling your employer (ex. graveyard shift) this can be a cause of a delay or maybe difficulty in verifying your home address via phone.


                      3. Globe Stores - not all Globe Stores, are empowered to process applications based on their standard credit policies. They need to forward your documents to the credit team for assessment.


                      These are some few reasons why applications takes some time to be approved. I think that Globe employees are really doing their best to serve all customers and complying to their timescales as well. 


                      Hope this helps.





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                        sabi ng rep. kailangan ko daw maghintay ng 2 weeks -.- but i got a call the following day , nagtatanong ng mga info and she said that I have to wait for her next call for the approval. now it has been 4 days since I got the call. do you think my application would still be approved? I have the complete required documents naman.