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    Am I liable for fixing/replacing the DSL wires?


      I am running my computer 24/7 and I need a reliable data for that matter.

      I have been having a frequent Disconnection on my Modem. every 5 -10 mins it gets DC. Longest time online is only for 5 hours so far.



      Problem Started way back on the 1st week of May. Until not It's now fixed.. 5 support Tickets already and CSR mentioned that all have been closed (meaning fixed) Yet, I am still not able to get a reliable internet.


      I complained again and today tech mentioned that this is happening because of the corroded wires. It needs to be replaced or the problem will still persist.


      But they are asking me to pay 1400 for them to replaced the damage wires..  Is this legal? or should I say why  should I paying for  the lines when I should only be paying for the data service in which I am subscribed...


      Any thoughts will be highly appreciated..