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    Bundle Plans


      Good day Globe Community!


      I am hoping if someone can help me know the bundle plans (internet connetion and landline phone/ulimited calls to globe) of Globe?


      Thank you verymuch!

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          Select the plan that suits your family's lifestyle!

          Broadband PlanMaximum SpeedData AllowanceEntertainment Pack
          Broadband Plan1099Maximum Speed2 MbpsData AllowanceLTE 20 GBEntertainment Pack
          Broadband Plan1299Maximum Speed3 MbpsData AllowanceLTE 30GB
          DSL 50GB
          Entertainment Pack
          Broadband Plan1599Maximum Speed5 MbpsData AllowanceLTE 50GB
          DSL 60GB
          Entertainment Pack or 
          Broadband Plan1999Maximum Speed7 MbpsData AllowanceLTE 60GB
          DSL 70GB
          Entertainment Pack
          Broadband Plan2499Maximum Speed10 MbpsData AllowanceLTE 70GB
          DSL 80GB
          Entertainment Pack
          Broadband Plan2999Maximum Speed15 MbpsData AllowanceLTE 80GB
          DSL 100GB
          Entertainment Pack