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    Unidentified Bill Amount


      Since last year, I have been waiting for LG G5 to be offered by Globe. I was going to cut my line with them but because of LG G5, i decided to wait and stay. Yesterday, I applied for recontracting and get the LG G5 phone, however, I was told that the number that i previously owned (was under my name and was transferred to another person) has a 15,300 pesos hanging balance. because of that, they can't proceed with my application to re-contract.


      I asked them the details but they told me that I need to go to Globe Store to see the exact details of the said bill. On the same day, I went to Globe Store Megamall. I told them my problem and they tried to show me the details. They show me that my account has a hanging balance of 15,300 but when I requested for the breakdown, the girl who was assisting me, couldn't find the bill. The bill we are looking for was for the period of May 24 - June 23 2014 on wards but there was no bill at all. She was able to find the 2013 bills but that specific bill was missing.


      I really wanted to get the phone within this week and was tempted to just pay the balance. But it just wierded me out that here they are telling me that 15,300 pesos was hanging on my account and yet they couldn't show me the proof or breakdown of the said balance.


      I really hope it gets resolved within this week because I have waited so long to get this phone.


      If it didn't get resolve I think I will just cut my subscription and just buy the phone itself. get a plan from smart or sun.