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    GCash refund


      I have paid thru 7/11 CLIQQ Gcash. The problem is I want to refund my payment since the reciever of it (she's selling gadget) is a SCAMMER. Indicated on the receipt of 7/11 that it is non refundable. Is there any way I can still get my money? Globe please help!!!

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          Paulo D

          Hi tinhernal,


          Sorry to know that. On top of calling our 2882 hotline, you can also reach GCash team via email at [email protected]. BUT before sending an email, always include the following details, since our GCash team will need it to verify your details:


          *GCash-registered Globe/TM mobile number:


          **GCash MasterCard/Virtual Pay card number (last 4 digits):

          **Trans. ref. number (can be found on the SMS 2882 sent you after transacting):

          **Amount paid:

          **Transaction date & time:




          **When applicable

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