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    Payment still not reflected


      Good Day everyone!


      I had my services installed last May 3 2016. When I spoke to the representative that called me prior to the installation, she mentioned that there will be no installation charges and I just have to pay 1 month in advance and it will appear on my bill. I subscribed to the 3 Mbps plan for 1299 so on the day of installation, I paid the technician the said amount.


      First bill came and I was shocked to be honest when I saw it. Called the hotline right away and ask why the payment has not been posted and he had to explain the pro-rated amount as well (to which, I wish the representative told me before the installation so I would've been ready). He mentioned it will appear on my 2nd bill.


      2nd bill came and the payment still has not been posted. Did a chat conversation through chat.globe.com.ph and she did not understand my concern, she kept mentioning the payment I made and outstanding balance. Understanding that she might be chatting to another person (since the company I work for has an account that does that), I explained to her again my concern. Then wow, just wow... after repeating myself she disconnected the chat service and the transcript I received just contained about 5 lines that did not show the transaction number ( should've took note at the start). Her name was Mary Jean Bajan. It would be nice if anyone can reach to here and provide proper coaching.I mean, she's tainting the globe customer service image.


      I just simply want to ask... where is the payment I made with the technician? Why has it not reflecting on my bill? Is there anything hindering it from appearing? I did not know that simply asking this question would take me months. The service is fine after days of technicians visiting me but why does it have to be this hard?