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    Text Offers from Different Companies


      I'm posting this hoping that globe would be able to see it and take it into consideration. I've got a new number and just before all my friends even know my number people from different companies are already texting me with different kinds of offers. Been reading some thoughts from other people to just ignore it but hey, is this not a matter of privacy security? How come people can just text you with different offers. I don't care if they got your number from a system with series blah blah. I think it's more about blocking numbers that have been reported several times in globe's system. This is not just about annoyance because of their messages but because of frustration of how globe handles the issue knowing that a lot of people are concerned mostly with postpaid account. I'm not sure if this will be tantamount to say that postpaid with globe isn't safe at all? I might get blocked for posting this but I'm just so dissatisfied with the solutions I got. Screenshots of the last two messages I got (06.28.2016) are posted too!IMG_0309.PNGIMG_0310.PNGIMG_0311.PNG

      I'm really just hoping this would not happen because it's really concerning!


      Thank you in advance!