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    Globe Postpaid Plan Renewal


      My problem is that I have been with Globe for over 4 years. I now want to renew my account, changing the plan for a better one that can meet my monthly needs. Using your telephone Customer Support was a very traumatic and proved to be a very expensive exercise. This time I went to Globe at SM City Iloilo where I originally opened my account. My experience with them has always been positive until recently.



      I went there four (4) times already just to renew, as mentioned above. As of now, I still have to renew. All the four (4) visits have resulted in an hour's wait with nothing resolved, a waste of time.



      So, are all Globe front line services only for new accounts and account payment, but nothing else about account renewal? This time the present crew have not been helpful at all. Gone was the simple but personalized service that the old office had. The present crew are all tech-savvy but no longer personalized.



      My account still needs to be renewed, but the current state of play, it seems that where I am concerned, Globe has gone down the drain. So how do you intend to resolve this, sir?