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    Online Globe Reward Transfer/Share





      I can't seem to transfer/share reward points to another number.


      I keep on getting an error message.


      The reason why I have to do it online is because I can't do it via *143# or sms.


      This is the situation, I have few prepaid sims from Globe - I use them for business. Some I am not using anymore and I have about 200 points per sim. The only problem is I changed handsets to a handset that ONLY ACCEPTS nano sim and some of the sims I am not using anymore are MICROSIM. So they won't fit, that is why I can't go for *143# or sms.


      I even tried sending it as a gift instead - but nothing really works. It only worked when I used SMS using SHARE <NUMBER without the Zero In front of the prefix> <Number of points> sent to 4438 using the nano sims, but then again, the microsim I can't (because of device limitation) and I have to use online for it.


      Please do not ask me to check if I use the correct format of entering a number to transfer/share it to because I did. I tried using it with 63 + prefix + plus the rest of the number, even tried the normal way starts with 09XX + the rest of the number. It let's me thru until it fails. I'd know if I entered the number correctly because it's letting me move on and confirm. So yeah, it's in the right format.


      This error seems to be a website/online account issue and I need it fixed.


      Please help. I attached some screen shots for your reference.

      Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.13.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.13.17 PM.png



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          Just cut those micro sims into nano size.

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              Practical and surprising suggestion but not really wise. You see I have quite a few sims, not just ine, gupitin ko? Or go to a local stand and get them cut and pay? Edi wow sayo. if I cut them manually, I'd risk of damaging them. Kasalanan ko pa? I'd have to fall in line in Globe stores just to get them replace, which is a waste of time. I don't have time for that. The main point here is to raise an issue where they have to fix the problem, not to cause another. :) pero thanks sa suggestion mo, not so smart though fervish .

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                  Hi, Good day Globeisthebest!, for sharing or paying bills by using rewards points, make it sure that you do not have past due amount. And if ever that you have a balance that about to be due, you need to process it 2 days before due date, to give way a day for validating the request. As I've known it only process via SMS due to validating your mobile number accounts. To know more your rewards points account do call loyalty hotline at 02 730 1300 tool free to call via mobile or landline.

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                      Hi jetah, thanks for the input, but I don't think so.


                      I have done this before. Online, the service is there.


                      You see I have 3 online accounts with globe, one for postpaid, 2 for prepaid accounts, they are a set of prepaid accounts, a lot.


                      Why should it need to be validated when I am sharing points between PREPAID numbers with the same online account, it has been validated already.


                      And yes, I can share points to a postpaid account which has an overdue balance. I just did. Lol




                      So if anyone here from Globe who can fix the issue online, I'd appreciate it.

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                  I experienced the same thing. GLOBE TECH SHOULD FIX THIS.I was able to REDEEM my points as bill rebate..but NOT as a gift.

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                    Hi everyone!


                    I have the same problem, before I used to transfer globe reward points using globe website easy and more convenient. But, starting February this year, globe rewards website is not supporting GIFTING/TRANSFER OF POINTS. While, Redemption of points/bill rebate to own account is still allowed.


                    Hopefully, globe will consider to restore gifting/transfer of points again in the website and mobile app.

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                      hey globeisthebest!, you have a wrong inputting the number. If you encountered any problem by following all of this step by step, get back to me.

                      Follow these step.


                      Prepaid Rewards Mechanics

                      How to Join
                      All active Globe Prepaid and Tattoo subscribers are automatically members of MyRewards. MyGlobe. No registration is required and membership is free.

                      How to Earn Points
                      You earn rewards points every reload. You can ask your family and friends on Globe to share points with you: inform them to text SHARE <space> your 10-digit mobile number <space> no. of points and send to 4438. (P1/transaction will be charged to the sender)

                      You can also earn points when you receive mobile ads.

                      How to Check your Available Points
                      You will receive a free text update of your points balance within 7 days from the date of the reload transaction. You may also text BAL to 4438 to check your points balance. (P1/transaction)

                      How to Share Points
                      Points sharing allows subscribers to share and/ pool points together with family and friends to redeem bigger rewards faster. You can share a minimum of 1 point and are allowed 5 transactions per day. To share points: Text SHARE <space> 10-digit mobile number of your friend <space> no. of points to 4438. (P1/transaction will be charged to the sender)

                      To share points with activated PIN: Text SHARE <space> 10-digit mobile number of your friend <space> no. of points <space> PIN to 4438. (P1/transaction will be charged to the sender)

                      How to Set a Password
                      You may nominate a personal identification (PIN) to secure your rewards points. To activate your PIN, text PIN ON to 4438. (P1 minimum balance required to send this message for free)

                      You will be asked to key in your desired PIN. Text PIN <space> 4-digit PIN <space> MIDDLE NAME to 4438. (P1 minimum balance required to send this message for free)

                      Program Information via your Mobile
                      Text REWARDS to 4438 for more information anytime. (P1 minimum balance required to send this message for free)



                      Hope this helps you!  

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                          Information you've provided is only applicable FOR SMS OR VIA *143#. NO QUESTION WITH THAT actually.


                          While managing globe rewards via WEBSITE OR ONLINE, especially for gifting or sharing of points error always occurred like the screen shot provided above.


                          I used to manage my points via online or website; especially sharing points and gifting rewards its more convenient easy as 2 or 3 clicks, but now error always occured, and I do not know if globe is working on to fix the problem or give notice to clarify this issue.



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                              Ok, I gets now. So you want to use it via online.

                              IF YOUR TRYING TO REDEEM REWARDS ON YOUR iPHONE:


                              You should Download the FREE MyRewards. MyGlobe. app on your iPhone.

                              Choose Prepaid Rewards.

                              Click on “View Rewards” and then choose desired reward item.


                              The same on Android but the name is Globe Reward for better experience,  just download the application if you want online.

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                            As of now globe has

                            Service Advisory / Downtime

                            Sharing of points via Globe Rewards (4438) is unavailable until further notice.
                            Globe is already checking on this and updates will be provided once available.
                            Addtl Info
                            Error message: We're sorry but sharing of points cannot be processed at this time. We'll update you once the service becomes available. Thank you.
                            Start Date :
                            Affected Customers :
                            Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM

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                              why every time i share a points to my new sim it always reply this, Sorry, the mobile number you have entered is currently not enrolled to Globe Rewards. Please call 211 for more details. Thank you!

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                                Di na pwede mag share ng points(?). Pero pwede ka maka gift ng promo as long as globe.

                                >Dial *143#

                                >choose Rewards

                                >Under ng Rewards, Piliin mo ung Gift rewards.

                                >After mo ma click ung Gift rewards. Type mo ung 10 digit number(Example: 927*******) na gusto mo bigyan ng promo(Gift promo)

                                >after ma submit ang number, Choose the promo na gusto mo ma gift.

                                Note: mababawasan points mo pero ung promo maregister sa number na linagay mo.

                                Thank me later.


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                                  Transferring points is quite sensitive and will be needing safety precautions. I suggest you to set your pin first and the proceed with ur transfer process. I have experienced the same issues until I decided to set my pin first and it worked.