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      I have sent two (2) posts and it seems that all I get from you guys there are automated replies. I already mentioned that calling your Manila-based Customer Service numbers has been traumatic and expensive and yet you tell reply that I should call it to resolve my renewal problem? I was expecting a more specific reply.


      You have not been reading my message. So much for your rewards and loyalty promotions. What rewards? What consideration for loyalty? All that you have given me is heartburn from your inefficiency and lack of personal touch in addressing my problem.


      Do you want my renewal or not?

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          This forum is not for account related issues. For recontracting you must call 027301300. It's the only efficient way.

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              You say "call 027301300. It's the only efficient way." I am sorry but by

              my experience it it not. It is one big mess. It is a 3rd party subsidiary

              with no authority whatsoever to resolve anything.






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                  Hi Jon365, You may also try this other contact of Globe: https://www.globe.com.ph/contactus

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                    If they don't have the 'authority or whatsoever', and if they are 'third party subsidiary', why was i able to recontract all my lines since i opened one in 2004? Calling 027301300 is toll free using any globe so why would you incur any long distance charges.

                    Why not visit any globe store near you and ask the process of recontracting. It seems this is your first time to do so. The globe store should assist you and you should insist they must help you. Talk to the manager if you must. 

                    If you have been reading other posts here, recontracting is tedious and requires a lot of patience especially when the unit you wanted is out of stock. You can also call 211 toll free again and follow the voice prompt for renewing your line.