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    Globe Tattoo pocket wifi Connection Issue


      This issue has plagued me for since I received the pocket wifi. I tried connecting to the interwebs several times since the unit's first activation on my laptop (the installation of the Tattoo system and the logins). I followed every troubleshooting options available within the Tattoo site's help page and still nothing. Both my phone and laptop never connected to the internet despite having the signal on full bars and the indicator flashing a bright green.


      Restarted the unit with the wee reset button on the battery and still nothing. If this has anything to do with the postpaid prepaid APNs then kindly elaborate the instructions for repair. In case the location is of concern, I am currently living on Puerto Princessa Palawan, Bgy Tinuigiban. If this needs a complete and total restart from the very unit to the laptop where it planted the Tattoo system, please elaborate the following procedures in doing so.

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          Hi magnitude11,


          To isolate your concern:

          1. In your pocket wifi, try setting up the network mode and select the 3G only or 4G only mode for faster connection.

          2. Please check your device if this is strongly receiving a descent signal from the cellsite (network). Place it in an open area during your test. probably outside your house or in a window.

          3. Switch between those two network modes at a time.

          4. Try to recheck your APNs: Prepaid: http.globe.com.ph  Postpaid: internet.globe.com.ph

          5. Try using other Globe Tattoo sim (the one issued for Mobile Pocket wifi)

          6. If problem still persist, try reaching the support channels and ask if there's an ongoing network activity that affects your area. Visit this link for assistance. http://www.globe.com.ph/contactus


          Hope this helps!

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