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    Question About DSL


      My brother-in-law applied for 5Mbps DSL from Globe.

      Globe conducted a survey on the availability of slot.

      Now, they said the nearest cabinet is already full.

      And the next nearest cabinet has available slot but beyond the 250-meter distance limit.

      I've heard some subscribers having connection quality problem beyond the 250-meter.

      Is there any way that my brother-in-law gets a DSL connection?

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          Hi junreygc,


          When we say DSL, this is a wired internet connection which is not possible for your brother in law due to the unavailability of slot in the cabinet.


          If you really wish to get an internet connection with Globe, you may opt to try wireless offers. Please visit the nearest Globe Store for further details.


          You may also try to reach any of the support channels for further assistance. http://www.globe.com.ph/contactus


          Hope this helps.

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