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    NTC Complaint for bad Customer Service and Falsification of document


      April 29
      , I called to renew my contract with Globe and availed of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge plan


      May 13, My Phone got damaged and immediately called Globe about the damage. I was informed that I needed to have a gadget care in order for them to handle the damage on my phone. It was then that I realized that I was not offered a gadget care when I renewed my contract.

      Same day, I called to request for a call retrieval to prove my claim that I was not offered gadget care when I called for recontracting.

      JUNE 6 AFTER WAITING FOR ALMOST A MONTH!!!! It was proven that I was not offered Gadget Insurance on the time I called for contact renewal. Hence, I was offered the gadget care and they said after the gadget care is placed on my account I can call Ace Insurance to claim my accidental damage claim.


      JUNE 29
      I received an email from Ace Insurance that they cannot honor my Insurance Claim since I dont have gadget care on my account

      Same day, I called Globe and talked to one of their Team Managers, we had a couple of disagreements, one of which is that when I called to renew my contract, there will be a paper or terms of the renewal that will be sent to my email for me to sign, that should contain the details of gadget care, which for some reason indicated that I declined gadget care, but regardless. I did not receive any email for that terms. It seemed like the paper was presented to my authorized recipient and the courier had my authorized recipient sign the paper.


      NOW.. if that paper contained information that I declined the gadget care offer, and had my authorized recipient signed the  papers unknowingly that there are part of it that I did not even know is in fact FALSIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS!

      I'd be more than willing to have this case raised to NTC for this has caused to sooo muuuch inconvenience!

      JULY 3