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    Does your iPhone SE have this yellowish tint on top?


      So I recently bought an iPhone SE last week and when I got it, I noticed this yellow tint on top of the screen. It can be clearly seen when viewing calendar, messages or others apps that displays white images... I literally don't know what's happening with my phone.. When I got it checked on the nearest Apple Store, they said its just normal because their iPhone SEs there also have this yellow tint.. Then when I researched in the Internet, it says that it's due to the glue residue thing on the screen.. It will disappear in a few weeks.. Other people says it's a hoax and other people says its true.. I had this phone for already a week and a half and it's still there.. Do you guys also have this issue? And does it really fades away in a few weeks? I do get really distracted on the yellow tint on top.. Thanks Guys