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    Legal papers


      I would like to have some clarifications regarding on a letter that was sent to my address, for immediately legal action, where in fact I'vegoneto your store to complain that our landline wasn't workingand your store CSR just refer me to your voice CSR where I had to take my time out just to go to your store office to file a complain. I've even requested to send me a paper bill cause I don't normally open my emails in regards to billing concerns, since I've always receive paper bill for track records as well. Seems all my complains was never answered since i had my last straw with your company I've decided to have it disconnected since my mom couldn't contact us here in the Philippines. There is no use of your service since is always no connection. I've talk to your Voice CSR about it but there was nocal back regarding my concern! And now your company is demanding or threating me for legal payment. If losing my job because of this I'll be reporting you to DTI.