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    Postpaid Application


      Hi, I applied for Plan 999 Iphone6 Whitebox with Php13,200 cash out. I got a call from Globe last 06Jul saying that the handset is now ready for delivery. I told the agent to put the delivery on hold first as my payment for checkout is not yet complete. May I know how long can I place the delivery on hold? Will my application get automatically cancelled if it take a long time to be released? Thanks!

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          I think your application will still continue. If your phone is ready for delivery and failed for the 1st deliver the courier will return on the 2nd time and by the 3rd time you still get your phone that's the time your application is cancelled already and it will return it to the sender. You may also call the sales hotline for further assistance just dial (02) 730 - 1010 for mobile and landline they are available 6 am to 10 pm only