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    Why am I getting unbilled charges for cellular data when I still haven't even consumed the whole 5GB plan?


      I have a myLifestyle Plan 999 with 5GB consumable data. Bill cut-off date is on the 12th of the month.


      I have been using my data almost everyday. Then I would check how much data I have used. But then I've been receiving a text message I have a unbilled charge on top of the MRF. It kept on increasing until 913.85 (Call to other network: 20.10; Internet: 893.75) but my consumable data hasn't been used at all... So. Why am I getting these unbilled charges even if I still haven't consumed all of my data. And why is it I have a 5GB plan but it says I have 6144.00MB mobile internet allocation on GoSurf but not 5GB