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    80GB allowance used up in 12-13 days?


      for the 2nd month, my speed decreased for the reason that i used up my 80GB allowance in a period of 12-13 days. i am stressed about this since we are not heavy users. my kids laptop shows that his wifi's usage was just less than 8GB and he is the heaviest user among us. i have another laptop but i was out of the house from June 30 to july 9. my kids are out during the day and only uses internet at night. my phone shows i used 2.5GB from July 1-14. we have 2 other phones.. so that means 8+2.5+2.5+2.5 is more or less 15GB-20GB only. i change my wifi password regularly. anybody here who has an idea what is going on?

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          I'd like to know, too. I have a 60gb bband service subscription. 14 days into July and it's been used up. According to the customer service guy, 61 gb have been used! In the 14 days, I've watched Netflix maybe 2-3 times. One tablet's been watching YouTube. This FUP is crazy.

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            Does the usage include data upload? Most users just notice the data downloaded. but nevertheless, upload is just usually around 10-20% or less of what you download. unless your work/ usual task is to upload stuff on the internet.

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              The monthly allocation includes downloads and uploads, now if you are into online streaming specially if it is HD this will surely use up your monthly data allocation easily either netflix, Hooq, Youtube, etc. One suggestion that you can all try is install an app that would monitor your daily usage, there are also 3rd party routers that has this feature so you can tract your usage (I just don't know if it can only monitor wireless traffic and LAN connectivity or both).