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    Dear globe


      Hi po sa inyo. This problem started 2 weeks ago. I do online games and i experienced ping spikes lately. I called your customer service and was asked to do a ping test. There are times that the test doesnt show any problems. (I guess thats the reason why its called spike). I was told to browse other sites e.g. youtube and facebook. Basically, you wouldnt n0tice the unstable c0nnecti0n when browsing these sites unlike if you're playing an 0nline game like csgo. According to your csr, this is just n0rmal and there might be problems with my pc. What? Just like i said, it started 2 weeks ago. And by the way, these ping spikes happens between 8am to 8pm. From 9pm to 7am, everything is normal. So its not normal and there's nothing wrong with my pc. Our plan is n0t capped. 3mbps. Spikes sometimes goes up to 600 with download speed of 0.71mbps.

      Please advise.

      Thanks in advance

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          Try to get an information from the server where you trying to connect when playing online games, then if there is no issue at there end take note of the time you experience the sudden spike when playing online games. Try to ping the server and then report it to Globe. Have it escalated and provide the server so they can check it at their backend. Now do not allow the csr to close the ticket, ask to have a Globe engineer to contact you what is the cause of the issue, my guess is due to the NAT connection of Globe. A NAT connection can cause a lot of problems like online gaming, IP camera (those who are monitoring their cctv online, and etc.