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    Rejected, Haunted by a terminated wireless landline account


      Good day Globe Billing,

      I hope you're having a good day helping customers sort out their issues.

      I am writing to complain about my failed attempt to subscribe to a postpaid mobile service today.

      I was shocked to be rejected and made aware that I cannot pursue my application because I need to pay over PhP10k from a 2007 terminated wireless landline account!  I thought I had an amicable account termination with Globe.  The wireless landline account was terminated and the device completely returned in less than 30 days because there was NO signal in the address/location where I was supposed to use the wireless landline.  I had to bring the device elsewhere to make test calls.  You can verify your archives to check where and how many times was I able to use the wireless landline service.  I recall that I even opted not to chase Globe for my deposit.  The sole reason for termination was that Globe was unable to provide a date on when the wireless landline service can be usable in the designated address/location.

      I didn't receive any Statements, Notices, or Demand Letters from Globe. That's why the super shock feeling I had when I was slapped twice today!  On the left cheek with the news of the outstanding amount!  On the right cheek with the news that my postpaid mobile application was rejected pending payment of the outstanding amount!

      I was given permission to review some of the old conversations and there were noticeable missing items on the account history, i.e. deposit, return of device, termination agreement, reason/s for outstanding amount reaching over PhP10k, etc.

      Your staff, @TowerOne  and Jeb/billing hotline, whom I was able to speak today were good and commendable.  They made me feel comfortable discussing this shocking news.  However, with all due respect, my apologies but I can't accept the charges or waiver to reduce the amount.  So, please investigate and present your results.