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    My load disappears???


      So i started today (july 18th) with 45php load. Redeemed gosurf50 @9:41am via 4438 for 3 days (700mb mobile data for 3 days, with remaining 486mb as of 2mins ago).


      AND i get a message right after midnight that i have less than 20php left (just checked, i'm at 12php).


      I literally stayed home all day, did not text or call anyone (except via viber around 7:30pm that lasted around 8mins). I received a few calls from my GF a few times during the day.


      I just checked the recent messages i'd  gotten from 4-digit numbers with "Check" and they all replied in the negative.


      I need help! I've actually been experiencing this for the past few months, and just chalked it up to a few pesos lang naman. I've gotten to the point i dont keep extra load on my number anymore, just load up enough to get my mobile data subscriptions running.


      I just changed phones, so i know it's not the phone. There's definitely something going on, but i'd like to clear it instead of resorting to changing my number altogether.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!