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    Globe Postpaid Gosurf Plan 499


      Hello. Ano po ang speed netong Postpaid GoSurf Plan 499 with Mobile Wifi.


      4G Mobile WiFi | Globe Online Shop


      Yan po sa link.

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          jet.gallego Nakalagay po sa link, 21Mbps:

          Finally, you can free yourself from slow and unsecured public hotspots! 4G Mobile WiFi is a Huawei E5330 mobile broadband device—a fast, 21Mbps router with 3G connectivity.


          According to The Power of 4G - FAQs | Tattoo - Globe :

          2. What are the benefits of 4G HSPA+?

          Surfing on 4G HSPA+ allows you to experience speeds of up to 21 Mbps, which allows:

          • Uninterrupted surfing
          • Faster streaming of videos and music
          • Quicker downloads of large files and applications
          • Rapid loading of websites and maps
          • Speedy uploads of photos or videos
          • No lag video chats with loved ones
          • Browsing and sharing more social media posts in less time


          5. What is the new experience in the upgraded areas?

          Upgraded areas are already experiencing speed boosts in Internet browsing. More consistent and even faster speeds are expected to be experienced as we switch to HSPA shortly after an upgrade. 4G HSPA brings speeds of up to 3 to 5 Mbps during peak hours and up to 5 to 8 Mbps during off-peak.


          Based on experience, hindi po umaabot ng 21Mbps. Depende po sa location and base station, kaya yung 3Mbps to 8Mbps ang "realistic" speed nito.