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    change my prepaid TM number


      Sirs & Maams,


      I have a TM sim card choose your own number. Everything was perfect until 6 months have passed. I began receiving weird text messages

      and many calls from various people. Sometimes i receive eloads by surprise, and sometimes when i reload, the balance immediately becomes zero even if i have not used the load yet.


      i would just like to ask if there is a way to change AGAIN my number (in part or in whole) since the last 4 digits of my sim bears a significant memory for me (the last 4 digits signifies the day me and my wife got married).


      are there ways to do it? can i do this on my own or i need to visit the nearest Globe center?


      By the way i'm from zamboanga city.


      Thanks in advance to you all!

        • Re: change my prepaid TM number

          Hi Sir juvert - The number that you have activated serves as your final number and you can no longer change it.


          You may call 808 to validate if you have subscriptions to VAS (SMS from 4-digit numbers) that may have caused your load to become zero. CSR will instruct you on how to unsubscribe if you have any unwanted subscriptions.


          Should you really wish to change your number, consider purchasing a new SIM.