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    Strange intermittent connectivity of my Globe Broadband Internet connection?


      Hi community,


      Recently, I have been experiencing annoying intermittent connectivity issues with my Globe Broadband connection. I'm on a 5Mbps for Php 1,599 per month plan. During the past two weeks has been a nightmare. I'm encountering random disconnections of my service. I have noticed that my modem would all of a sudden power-cycle itself, and the green light for the internet connection would either disappear or turn red.


      At first I though that the modem just needs to be restarted. I'm an I.T. engineer so I am well versed on how to troubleshoot network issues. I turned off the modem by pressing the power button on/off. I also pulled the plug of the modem from the power outlet and let it sit for about 10 mins, after which I restarted the modem again. After those troubleshooting steps failed, I tried resetting the modem back to the factory settings. When I restarted the modem, of course I went to the modem's homepage and entered my account username and password so I could connect to the broadband service.


      After these troubleshooting steps, the internet connection would still disconnect at random times of the day, and every disconnection keeps getting worse and worse. First disconnection lasted for only around 5 mins. and then it will be fine for the rest of the day. And then the next day, it disconnected for 30 mins twice in 1 day. And the third day, it disconnected  for 3 hours twice in 1 day. And then when it disconnected and I had no service for almost two days, that's when I called Globe Tech support.


      They scheduled an onsite visit. The technician looked at my connection and saw that my account keeps resetting on the system end of globe. All he did was re enter my account username and password, and then it was fine--for the whole day. The next day, it still randomly disconnects, sometimes for a minute, sometimes for around 30 minutes, etc.


      I have been a loyal Globe broadband subscriber for two years running and this is the only time my service has encountered any problems. I don't know if there's a system maintenance going on everyday, or whether I need a drop cable replacement, or maybe just having a modem issue. I know for a fact that there's no disruption with Globe's service since our neighbor--the house directly in front of us--is also on a Globe broadband connection and they aren't encountering the issues I'm having.


      This is the reason why I've posted this here in the Globe community page to at least have an insight or a feedback from Globe administrators regarding this problem. Right now, I'm considering discontinuing my Globe broadband subscription and switching over to another broadband provider. I'm a freelancer right now and 99% of my work is doing video calls online. It is a great hassle for me and my work every time these disconnections take place. Why is this happening all of a sudden after more than 2 years of excellent service from Globe, I don't have the slightest clue.


      Hopefully someone in this community can give me a feedback.