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      I have been calling (211) and emailing ([email protected]) Globe about my migration of my WiMAX to LTE. Can someone help me where I could to file a complaint to the right authorities about my issue with Globe. I am very disappointed how they treat their customer. Daig pa ng Globe ang mga taong paasa sa ginagawa nila. Thank yoy.

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          What happened can you tell us what is their response.

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              Here's my email to them:



              A month ago, early June 2016, after one week of having no internet connection, I called you via 211 to asked about my internet connection because it suddenly can't use it anymore, your customer representative told me that you have this migration of WiMax modem to LTE and I asked him/her why you didn't even inform me. At that time, I have no knowledge of the said migration hence I thought it was just another connection difficulties. But your agent helped me to proceed with application for migration of WiMax modem to LTE. Your agent also said, there's someone will contact me after 24 hours for an update/feedback about the status. The next day, you did not call or send a text message informing me about the status of my migration.


              After some time, I called again because I think I waited for 2 weeks for your technician to come to my house for the installation of my modem. I was asked for my concern I told your agent that I was waiting for their response yet no one came nor no one called. Your agent told me that a feedback was given to them after DAYS I last called, it is said "insufficient details for landmarks". For 2 weeks that I've waited, you also waited for me to call you, for me to be informed that there was a problem that's why your technician wasn't able to come to my house. At that moment, I'm pretty disappointed because you just have to call your customers to give them a heads-up about the status of their application yet YOU HAVE TIME TO CALL US WHENEVER WE HAVE DELAYED PAYMENT (How nice was that huh?) So I gave every information that YOU NEED to get here in my house to install my modem.


              Okay, weeks passed still no show of your technician or no calls from you. I think 1st week of July, I called again to update myself about the status of my migration. Your agent told me that under my account there's an open job order and it was already executed and ready for an on-site visit. The technician will be visiting my house around 2nd to 3rd week of July for installation. So I said, "Okay". I was assured that my continuous follow up has been, I believe, prioritized.


              3rd week of July came, still no technician or no calls I received and yet, I RECEIVED AN BILLING STATEMENT from you (Wow, just wow!). I called again, July 20 Wednesday, I think) for any updates why it took you 1 month to have an onsite visit in my house and install my LTE modem because I have no internet connection in my house. Your agent apologize and said that he/she will escalate my report so I could have a schedule of an on-site visit and someone will call me after 24 hours for an update.


              24 hours after, I haven't received any calls so I called again (July 21, Thursday) asking for an update again. your agent told me that I already have a scheduled on-site visit on Friday July 22 around 1 to 5 in the afternoon. From that, I was relieved because after so many calls for 1 month you already scheduled me for an installation.


              July 22, 2016, Friday came, I was anxious because I am expecting your technician to come to my house and at that time it was raining, I want to know if my n-site visit was cancelled due to rain so I called at around 3:30 in the afternoon, your agent told me that the technician is on his way and if the technician didn't come, they will call me to informed me that they will not be able to come. So I waited until 5 in the afternoon. Past 5 P.M., no call no technician showed up and I was pissed, I have a meeting that day and I cancelled it because I was expecting your technician to come to my house. around 6 in the evening, I called and INFORMED you that no one came to my house, I was mad and I was raising my voice to tell your agent that I want to get my modem and install it on Saturday, July 23, early in the morning and your agent said, it was noted to my account that they will get someone to go to my house and install my modem.


              Saturday July 23, Sunday July 24, Monday 25 came, STILL NOTHING CAME. I called again at around 1 in the afternoon, same sentiment and your agent told me the reason why you can't deliver the modem to my house is because "probably the LTE modems are out of stock". I was speechless when I heard it. There's nothing I can say anymore for that reason.

              Yesterday afternoon, I received a text message from Globe:


              1/3 STATUS Dear customer, pasensya na dahil hindi namin kayo napuntahan noong araw na naka-schedule ang inyong WiMAX to LTE upgrade. Pupuntahan kayo ng aming

              2/3 field technician sa 07/26/2016. Kung gusto ninyong baguhin ang inyong schedule, pwede kayong tumawag sa amin sa (02) 7301000 gamit ang inyong Globe Landline

              3/3 , o 211 via Globe/TM mobile. Pwede niyo rin kaming ma-contact sa www.globe.com.ph/take2globenow. Salamat sa inyong pang-unawa.

              Then, this morning I called them to ask what time their technician will come, they said they reschedule my on site visit on the 27th.


              So, there.