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    Call forwarding while on roaming




      I would like to not miss any calls placed to my Globe Postpaid number but I would not want to receive these calls while in Hong Kong (to avoid bill shock). Here's what I plan to do:


      While I'm still in the Philippines, I would like all calls to be forwarded to my brother's Globe number who'll be staying in the Philippines throughout my vacation. So I'll activate All Call Forwarding before my departure. I'll also register to Roam Saver as a back-up plan. Upon reaching Hong Kong, I'll connect with the local telco CSL to be able to receive text messages. My assumption is that if I do all these, while in Hong Kong, I'll be able to receive texts free of charge and all calls placed by anyone to my number will be received by my brother in the Philippines.


      Any comments/suggestions/loopholes about this strategy?


      Thank you!

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          it is advisable to cancel all call forwarding prior leaving the country to avoid any inconvenience, there is still a big possibility that you will be charge for calls even diverted/forwarded to a local number located in Philippines,


          i strongly suggest not to do this but instead just avoid answering your incoming calls

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