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    Can't Call and Text - TM!


      This happened to me and my girlfriend's sim just yesterday! We used our reward points to redeem CU10 from 4438. It worked well that night, but the next day we can't call or text anymore. It immediately ends the call when we attempt to, and gives an error when sending a text.


      These numbers are very important to us as we used it on all our businesses we don't want to buy another sim and use another number again. (my girlfriend bought another sim since she had to call some people yesterday)



      PLEASE FIX THIS! FAST! I wish I had not used your reward points from 4438, may pera naman ako. We just thought it was fun to use our points kasi everyday may notification how many points I have. Better yet remove that reward system altogether since its buggy and causes inconvenience.


      Here is a link to another user in here having the same problem cant Text And Call Tm



      Please fix or send me a message / email.