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    Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi


      Hello there!  Who can help me get started with my new Globe Pocket Wifi?  How can I manage my sim, my username and password?

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          Paulo D

          Hi loriesierra22668,


          You can visit this link Network and Troubleshooting | Help | Tattoo - Globe to learn more. You can also raise this to any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance.


          Hope this helps.

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              Uhm... hello and good evening. I'm having a connection issue in my 3g pocket wifi. I've notice that every 1 am in the morning until 6:00 am (5hrs) the connection is good and stable but the rest is not. Using speedtest and other online ping test site shows the same result. The ping goes 500-9999+ (more). I dont see this as problem for Goble since it started in May and the ping/speed is stable since then.

              I purchased this pocket wifi (white huawei) in April. The service is good the connection is fast and I'm happy about it until the month of May arrives.

              I tried other solutions such as basic trouble shooting going to other places for better reception and purchasing a new sim card but nothing happened. I tried to contact globe for help but there were no answers/respond so I tried here.

              It will make me happy if you can explain to me why the sudden change of connection/time. Thank you and God bless.