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    broadband upgrade


      Hi, our current plan is 1299 1mbps+landline. Is it possible to upgrade to 2mbps since same price din cya? If yes, what are the requirements needed. Thanks in advanced :smileyhappy:


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          Just call their hotline 211 using globe mobile or 730-1000. Tell them you want to upgrade your current plan or speed, mukhang old speed pa yung ginagamit mo. Hehehe.
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            hi l_swish upgrading of plan is possible however in your case since you are currently in Plan 1299 and you want to modify your current broadband plan to upgraded plan 1299.


            Within Lock-up -  Not possible

            Finished Contract - Possible




            Kase po Upgrading of Plan ang pwede e.g. From 1299 to 2099 pero Modification of Plan hinde 1299 (legacy plan) to Plan 1299 (upgraded plan).

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                Thanks for the replies.


                Our contract is already finished. Bale magiging 2099/month na ung 2mbps? Bakit kelangan magincrease? :smileysad:

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                    Hi Guys,


                    Good News!


                    Globe has a new Tattoo Home plans that is very affordable with a bundled Landline as well.


                    Its either your choose a Consumable or Unlimited MBPSUsage.


                    Consumable with a Bundled Landline


                    For Plan 799 - you get a free Broadband for a 1MBPS speed. - 3GB Month usage

                    Plan 1099 - 2 MBPS Speed - 10 GB month usage

                    Plan 1299 - 3MBPS Speed - 15GB Month usage


                    When you reach your month's usage, your internet speed will be throttled.


                    Unlimited Broadband Bundle


                    For Plan 1099 - 1 mbps

                    Plan 1299 -  for 2 mbps

                    Plan 1599 - for 3 mbps

                    PLan 2299 -  for 5 mbps speed.



                    *Still subject for Fair Use Policy



                    For more details for new and existing subscribers, call our toll free hotline at 730-1000 or 211 on your globe handy phone for a personalized customer service.


                    Hope this helps




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                      Hi. I have the same plan as yours (1,299/month - 1mbps + landline), and not within the lock-in period anymore.
                      About a month ago, I called the globe hotline and ask if I could of of the 2mbps internet since that's what they are offering the new subscribers.
                      Yes. I was given the upgrade of 2mbps WITHOUT ADDITIONAL cost on my monthly subscription. Second, I also availed of the UNLICALLS to Globe and TM, but with a lock-in period of 1year. Both features were activated within 24hrs.