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    How fast can be a reversal of charges be done?


      I have recieved my bill for the month of April yesterday and I was really shocked that I was charged 3,523.16 for total Data Charges. which from the beginning, I haven't achieved that data consumption. Simula ng nag avail ako ng line sa Globe last November 2011, hindi ako lumalagpas ng 1.1k at lahat yun puro call and text lang. tapos ngayon 3.5k with data plan!
      Ang gamit ko, Samsung Y Duos na phone, naka set sa GSM pareho yung globe at smart ko. 

      I tried calling Globe and they gave me a reference number for it. Ang tanong, how fast will the reversal of charges be done? Next question is, saan galing yung data charge na yan?

      Hope I can find answers to these concerns.

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          Once your concern is fixed or closed it will reflect on your updated bill. Either next bill or the current one, it will depend on the CSR. Just insist to fixed it on the current bill and request for the updated one.


          Data charges are from your browsing and other apps  that access the internet.

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            Just a possibility but meron mga apps na automatically nagpu-pull ng data without any prompt sa user. Same thing happened to me before with my Blackberry Curve 8520. If you do not absolutely use your data, I would recommend na ipa-disable mo na yung internet APN mo from a Globe rep. Pag ginawa nila yun, it would totally stop your data usage (unless reconfigured). That's what I did before and after disabling, never na ako nagkaroon ulit ng data charges.


            Also sa question mo kung gaano katagal magrreflect yung reversal, from past experience, it should already reflect in your next billing :smileyhappy:

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              their usual answer to that question is, it depends on the Credit department for approval, but usually if it's deemed that charges are not correct, it should reflect on your next bill, there are cases na kapag nareport mo after ng cut off, di agad na rereflect sa next billing statement, so better ask the CSR you are talking to kelan mag rereflect sa bill

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                It should be real time. When I asked for my 999 to be credited the credit reflected on my account within the call.
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                  The GBC Ali Mall Supervisor who helped me reverse 15K worth of data charges told me that she escalated the adjustment to her Area Manager. It took them like 2-3 months for the reversal. The Hotline agents apply adjustments to a certain limit. With my experience in the BPO industry, we have the so called adjustment/credit per call. If the amount being requested by a subscriber if beyond the agent's limit, that's the time that it is escalated to a Supervisor or a Manager.

                  I am positive, the same applies with GLOBE.