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    Plan 1099 LTE




      I've been using a globe tattoo since before when I'm on vacation. But since I'm a seafarer

      I only use the prepaid plans. Now I'm planning to try this plan because I also have nieces at home which who can use the connection while I'm onboard.


      I just wanna ask if it is possible or ok to have the LTE plan 1099 installed

      in our home even if the signal is only an HSPA+? I'm pretty satisfied with the speed of the HSPA+ though

      hence I'm not a heavy internet user nor an online gamer. I just want to have a reliable internet connection for

      profession purposes.


      Will @globe allow me to have this plan installed in our house? Thanks for the feedback.

        • Re: Plan 1099 LTE

          Please apply and try. If your application was accepted, a Tech team will be dispatched to install it. If your place is not capable of having the internet or you are not satisfied with the service, it will not be installed.