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    Plan 499 Inquiry


      Hi I'm currently using the Plan 499 with 3gb monthly data but since last month, it has been disconnected due to unpaid balance. I intend to pay for it but cannot do so in one full payment since I'm just a student. Is there a way that I can reconnect my line and pay for the balance in segments on top of my MSF? Also, since this is line-only, will I get charged for the time that my account was disconnected? Thanks in advance to those who can help.

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          hi, you can call the hotline regarding for the payment of the account. dial 211 and ask CD if there's a way to settle the unpaid balance of the accouny.

          regarding for the line that was disconnected, yes and still you will be charged for the monthly plan of the account even the line is disconnected due to unpaid bills