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    My plan was ugpraded to 15mbps/1599 although I was requesting for 10mbps/1299!


      Originally, my plan was to upgrade from 3mbps to 7mbps but when the CSR informed me the plan 10mbps at the rate 1299 I changed my mind. If I'm not mistaken this refers to Rubicon plan for loyal customers. I kept on asking to CSRs about it and similar info I got , 10mbps/1299. Although they told me to wait for the call from Loyalty Dept. I got phone call sometime last week of July. Eventually, I noticed there was indeed an increase of speed based on speedtest.net with result of 8mbps last August 01. What made me surprised was the account details as of today Aug 08, it is indicated there that my plan is the same as regular plan 1599/15mbps!