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    Re-contract Cancellation


      It was just too good to be true. I am (early) re-contracting 2 postpaid lines, 1 plan 1799 upgrading to 2499, and the other one is already a plan 2499. I was assured by the re-contracting agent that unit I am looking for is available. Well, the preferred color at least.  Which is the main reason I re-contracted both lines at the same time. On the delivery date, someone from Globe called saying the the unit (preferred color) is not available and if want to proceed with re-contract my lines, I can choose a different color instead and was assured that the unit will be delivered the next day. And of course, today is the delivery date, which I had to make time for, no deliveries or at least courtesy text to tell me that the unit will not be delivered. With all that said, is it still OK to cancel re-contracting both of my lines even if the the units are already set for delivery?

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          It should be ok as long as you didn't sign the new contract.  When you accept a recontracting, they will email it to you for signature that you are supposed to exchange for unit once delivered.  If you want to cancel, call their hotline, get a reference number and ask for the complete name of the agent.


          A unit was supposed to be delivered to today, long and behold, Globe does not fail to dismay.  I have called their hotline twice, chatted with their support, nobody can tell when the unit will be delivered.  And I have read so many horror stories on their delivery or pre-orders. @GlobePH

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            Paulo D

            Hi tanishmael and shiara,


            So sorry to know about your delayed phone deliveries. Sent you both a PM to ask for your details. Closing this thread so we can continue our discussion there.