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    Globe Line only plan to postpaid plan 1499 with phone followup


      Good morning Globe,


      I'm a little peeved as I feel like I've been getting the run around. I currently have the line only 599 plan but realized I need more data and the next plan up seems to be the 999 plan. Since the 999 plan is already nearly equivalent to the 1499 plan, I decided to just grab a phone(so I can also use my old phone to take advantage of my companies Smart bizload).


      I applied in Globe MOA at Friday and was assisted by Sam, filled in all the requirements, signed the contract and at the end was told 1-3 days for approval. Tuesday next week I decided to check with Globe and once again was assisted by Sam and he told me it was under verification and was told it will take 3-5 biz days in total but would expedite the process for me. I informed my HR that globe would be calling but they told me on Thursday that no one has called yet.


      I went there Friday to check with Globe Moa again as that's what customer service told me. This time a Globe rep called Russ told me that it was still under verification but he'll tell them to call my HR today and I would received a follow up call/text today as well. I was skeptical and asked how that can be possibly guaranteed but was assured that it would happen.


      Well, HR emailed me that no call happened in the time they told me they would call (1 PM) as HR can handle employment verification from 1PM to 4PM. Neither did I get an update from a Call or text. I'll definitely come to Globe Store Moa tomorrow and ask for a Store Supervisor as I said that I would go back to the store the next day, if I did not get an update.


      Please let me know if there is any update regarding my status of application so I don't have to go there and possibly waste more of my time.

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          I am sorry about this problem. But as of the moment, the only one that has your information is Globe MOA. They are the one doing the review process. Also, Please ask for the store supervisor or manger, gaano ba kadali ang magsabi ng decline or approve?. Please bear in mind that these scenario can happen when a lot of customers are applying for a plan at the same location or the store is bombarded with many requests


          It also varies din po kasi. It may be na kaya di pa maaprove dahil walang device or handset. Or sobrang busy or wala silang ginagawa. But as far as we are concerned. They should be doing their job and should answer within their timeframe. So, have that manager and let globe and you have a heart to heart talk to continue your application

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            Paulo D

            Hi jeddumars,


            So sorry to know about your experience. Sent you a PM to ask for your details. Closing this thread so we can continue our discussion privately.