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    Recontracting Glitch and Error


      nelskib GIBO thegreymatter

      Hi Globe,


      Good day! I appreciate and want to thank Globe for giving me the opportunity to be part of the User Council and have met such awesome persons from your company. Sad to say, even if I am part of the council I still have my problem with my account. First of all, I processed a recontract with you guys last July and it took effect last 1st of August. I was under the impression na it will automatically activate the 5GB new data plan and allication ko but the sad thing is I was able to use only 3GB of my data allocation then suddenly I received an SMS stating that I have an unbilled Charges for data consumption. Can you please check if that was a system glitch or error on your end?? I will appreciate if you'll get back to me. Also, I was advised by my one colleague from User Council that he did a recontract with you guys with the same plan (1799) but the data allocation is 10GB. I was only given 5GB, why was it not offered to me??


      Your response to this will be appreciated. Feel free to reach me out to my mobile at 09173014009.





      Michael Angelo Salire

      Globe User Council Member