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    iPhone SE Restock


      Hi Globe Community!


      Last August 6, 2016, I was able to convince my Mom to renew her contract with Globe Postpaid to be able to get another handset.

      We've decided to get iPhone SE 16gb in Silver with her plan 599 with cashout of 13,200 php.

      She called and placed the order on that day also. The customer service said that wait for a call in 1-2 weeks and expect also the arrival of the handset on her mailing address.


      2 weeks have past (August 19, 2016)and no mails or calls was received, so my Mother decided to call tech support again. Turns out no order has been placed on the last time that she called. She was very disappointed with what turned out with her order, but she still placed another order, sadly no more stocks of iPhone SE was available and that there are no specific dates about the replenishment of the units.


      So, it brings me here now. I want to ask about the future restock of iPhone SE units and when can we place a 'real' order for the handset.


      Thank you so much and have a nice day!

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          It is possible that when you try to transact your recontract via hotline the order did not push through which usually happen. You can try visiting the nearest Globe Store at your location there are times stores usually has their own stock (usually for new applicants). There are stores that can accomodate re-contract and provide you information if the device you wanted is readilly available. If the store confirms that they have available unit and can process your recontract you can already cancel your order via hotline just inform them that you are at the store and they will process your recontract.

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              Good day Sir!


                   Thank you for the reply! I'll try to go to the Globe Outlets as soon as possible. I'll also inform my Mother about it also so she could also go to the Globe Outlets at her location. (I'm at Baguio City, while my Mother is at Baliwag, Bulacan). We'll try to ask in both locations hoping we could process her recontract!


                   I'll inform you soon for future updates about the situation!