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    FB issues


      I am a globe prepaid user and I cant use my fb app even I got a free fb after I had registered to some of your promos. I hope someone will really address this issue. I have already send this concern but then no one had really addresses the issue Thank [email protected]

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          Hi kams,


          May i know if you can browse other websites?

          if no, there might be a problem with your internet settings, could it be the APN, the network mode, or the network signal.

          if yes, then you should reinstall your FB App or you may try to access it via wifi if it goes well.

          Please note that the free FB freebie has a certain MB limit. if you have browsed so may pictures or watched videos over FB, your data allowance for the free FB will be consumed and it will make you slower connection.


          Hope this clarifies.

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