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    Post sale support issue? (Technician not showing up)


      Does it really take 13 days for a technician to show up and fix my internet? Tomorrow will be the 13th day and yet again no assurance or anything coming from the technical team, I'm calling in everyday to follow up on this issue but it seems that the technicians don't even care.


      The tech were able to come once 8/21/2016 for God's sake what he did was just replace the modem and after confirming that there's still an issue (slow and no dial tone) The tech left stating that he may need to fix something outside and never came back nor gave any updates.


      once again I'm in the endless loop of calling in to follow up without any luck or without action from the technicians. I hate the fact that there's no sense of urgency on handling my Job order even though on your records I've been calling in multiple times with same issue.


      And I would like to add the most frustrating part here is if I don't call to follow up my ticket will be closed down without my consent and its amazingly stup1d to found out what the tech notes is for the first 4 or 5 days is, tech notes is "they fixed something from the outside unfortunately we didn't let them through" Can you believe that ridiculous excuse?! Why would we freaking not let the technician in if we've been waiting for them for how many days! and why don't they bother to call the number I gave them for us to be informed if they really are fixing something and also as a confirmation that this is a lie on 8/21/2016 for the first time the tech called in asking where is my location he said "sorry sir di  po kasi namin ma locate young location nyo" and that's the only time they bothered to clarify where my location is. meaning they haven't done anything for the past few days and keep closing the Job order. your technician don't even respect  my time I work night shifts and I always have to wait for them sacrificing my time for something that won't even come.


      I'm so frustrated right now. I've tried everything just for my concern to be heard calling in to your hotline multiple times everyday , Posting on twitter and now this.


      Please do something.



      edit: In addition prior to this I've been very happy with the service, I'm paying my bills properly so I don't see any reason to get this kind of treatment.