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    GLORIETTA 3 - 'tis the place to be for new postpaid applications


      After getting frustrated with the waiting game when I applied for a postpaid account online, I decided to cancel that application and go to a Globe Store instead.


      Since Glorietta 3 was near my office location, I decided to go there earlier today (specifically lunchtime para sakto walang pila). I approached one of the customer reps there named Joana, and announced "Apply lang ng postpaid plan, yung sa S4."


      Chit chat a bit regarding the plan I wanted to get (before going to any Globe store, better know what you want already and the plan details), submitted my reqts and then BAM! in less than 30 minutes (yes 30 minutes you non-believers), she announced that my application was approved and i could go home with the unit right away.


      Ang ending, got my new S4. Awaiting sim and LTE activation. It was a good day. :smileyhappy:


      Case to case basis man yung experiences natin when applying for a plan, pero try nyo pumunta sa Glorietta 3, hanapin nyo si Joana. Maybe your day will be as good as mine.