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    LTE postpaid internet speed suddenly slowed down and stuck at 0.13mbps


      Re my postpaid lte sim,  suddenly bumagal speed ng connection ko. Usually my speed is upto 15-20mbps almost 6months ako walang naging problema. Nangyari lang last night around 12am nadc for awhile ang internet ko, akala ko normal reboot/reconection lang, pagbalik ko tried speedtest 0.13mbps  nalang ang speed onwards til now. Para bang may naka set nalang na speed sa connection ko na 0.13mbps ung signal naman ng 4G LTE  4-5bars tried it on different devices and locations (went to the nearest area where there a strong signal maybe may inaayos lang na site sa area ko BUT i still get the same slow speed. Ilang beses ko na rin nirestart ang aking wifi device and I notice parang globe is giving me different IP ADDRESS na i think it causes my internet speed to limit at 0.13mbps. My plan is gosurf999 w/ anti bill shock limit at 1,500.