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    CSR Hotline number call via mobile phone?


      HI like to ask if anyone could share globe's CSR Hotline number call via mobile phone? I've tried calling 211 but to no avail. I have some concerns on my account balance. Thanks

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          What seems to be the issue why are you not able to get connected when dialling 211? Another way to get in touch with Globe Hotline is contacting them via landline just dial 730-1000.

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              As I dial 211, a recorded message answers my call saying I don't have enought prepaid credits. Yes, I only have 5.50 on my account balance but I believe calling globe CSR is free isn't? :-/

              Anyway, I wanted to address my concern.. I observe for months now that if I have credits not less than 2.50, It is always being consumed by the system for no reason. So discouraging specially in emergency situations where you know for a fact that you have extra, reserved credits to use then suddenly you have none. Worst, you are not being notified for whatever fee or reason where your credits went.

              Also, I have no any active subscriptions to any txt promos, ringbacks, quotes or whatsoever. I have also sent STOP messages to ALL those 4 digit spam/ads numbers. N It did send me a reply saying that I am not subscribe to any txt promos.. AND, I only subscribe to txt n call services, nothing else.

              I hope we could correct or at least inform the subscribers if there should be ANY deductions on there load balance to keep them updated. Thank you for your quick response.