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    How to get my PUK code


      How to get my PUK code? cause my sim was blocked.

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          PUK code is found at the SIM bed.


          If you don't have your SIM bed already...


          For Postpaid: Call 211 or (02) 730-1000 to request for PUK retrieval.


          For Globe Prepaid / TM: there is no way you can have the PUK code. you need to visit Globe store to have your SIM replaced with same number.

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            Norie Geronimo

            If you still have the sim bed you can check it at the back but if you no longer have your  SIM tray with you, kindly proceed to the nearest Globe Store to request for SIM replacement with the same number for free. Just bring the actual blocked SIM and 2 valid IDs.

            For postpaid you can call in the hotline.