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    How to unlock iphone 5s here in USA?


      I used to have a plan with globe for 2 years. When I finished my plan, I switched to post-paid. Then I moved to USA. Is it possible for me to unlock my iphone 5s here? How? Thanks!

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          As far as I know, Globe only unlocks devices once the contract is done and as long as the postpaid plan is still active. Try to send them a tweet @talk2Globe so they could check for you if your device is eligible for unlocking.

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            Hi quennadg ,

            Please note that Globe can unlock your phone once the contract is done. Once phone is unlocked you need to fully understand the concept of GSM versus the CDMA network that runs in USA. The iPhone 5S that came from Globe only runs through a GSM network so meaning only selected carriers or service providers can work or is compatible to the phone. Example is AT&T and T-Mobile. Carriers like Sprint and Verizon runs through CDMA network which is not compatible sa phone mo.