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    Credit Limit Error.


      Hi Guys!


      Here out my case.


      I had a credit limit of P2000 when I applied for a new line for Globe with a total payment of P 1949 a month (Lifestyle Plan 999 + 950 cash-out ).

      I was not unable to apply for the Lifestyle Plan 1499 + cashout of 750 a month (This is the Samsung Note 7 promo) for obvious reasons that I'm beyond my credit limit if I do so.


      Then I planned that after getting the plan. I'll request to increase the credit limit and avaiable for a GoSurf promos. As of yesterday afternoon, My credit limit was from P2000 to P3000. But when I tried to avail a GoSURF promo a message will notify me that I have exceed my credit limit in which that it should not happen because of the increased credit limit. I verified on the GServices app and in the My Accounts in the Glboe website if the credit limit was in effect which it has.


      I already contacted Globe Customer Service to verified my credit limit which was P3000 and it is currently in effect. They suggested to me that they will try from their end if they can apply the promo from their end but the same result happened.


      Done anyone have a experience like this before?


      Right now, I'm planning to purchase a Globe Prepaid or a Globe Tattoo from the store then use it as the P2 per MB is a real pain in the wallet.