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    bad services


      I'm asking for termination of broadband last august 18 from hotline, but they suggusted me to have change location to have lesser cost, so on august 19 I decided to have change location , so i call to hotline .... the hotline representative said the transfer location process will finish in 3-5 working days, so i keep calling hotline days pass to ask for status ,but from aug19 up to now aug31 still nothing happen , still no have any status yet, on the hotline part every time I call them 'they only say we will contact with the support team for follow up.'

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          My problem are same as yours, having a bad service from globe makes me different person especially in dealing to their customer service. My Internet problem started since last september 2015 and became worst just 2 months ago (July 2016) when I lost the telephone dial tone. I'd called the 211 for repair for almost every other day and they always promise that next day will be fixed. I'd tried also to complained to Globe Center in SM Marikina but same thing happened... always promises were given but no action taken. Just to give you Globe Telcom assurance that this is real, pls my Account number: 102037538. You can check to your computer all my complaints and the promises that your people told... not only on me and but to members of my family too... that you will fix the problems. Last time I'd seen your service crew truck in Aglipay Cemetery and told them my problem and they just told me "we cannot go to your place without job order". Unbelievable!!! They are not receiving any order to fix my almost a year problem??? hahahaha. Globe people you are really the best!!!